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My entries for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

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ο»ΏCOB: My first Silhouette Photography

These are my very first set of silhouette photographs.They were captured in a very authentic way while I was out dining at Danny Marine by the sea side. My aim was to photograph the sunset but I got to take a little more than just the sunset. Fortunately while doing so, this family came along and fit right into my frame perfectly! I was truly surprised and happy with the results.

My table.


Feel free to share your silhouette photographs with me below and don’t forget to follow me to witness my growth on this photography journey.

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Photography: Hummingbird Beauty

She comes to my home every morning. I alway try to snap her but it was always a fail. However, I use to think I could get her anytime of the day but I have learnt she stays around longer during the early mornings. Thus my attempt to snap her was successful today. Isn’t she beautiful?


ISO: 800

Shutter speed: 2500

f/ 5.6

Photo take by me.