Birds Caught Valentine’s Fever

Today I declare February the true month of love. These birds I own and the ones in my surrounding convinced me February is the month of love and romance. Firstly, I was sitting on my veranda after feeding my birds and they suddenly started to put on a show. I was like, you guys have no pride huh!

Anyways I was still sitting there observing the lovely view of the sky after the rain and I noticed a bird moving back and forth several times. I became curious and started observing him. After observing him I realised he was actually preparing a nest. So I figured, these birds caught the Valentine’s fever too.

Check out the busy one below.

Looking Around For Pieces


Spotted Pieces


Going for Pieces


Heading back to Nest


Chill Time


Neighbour Passing through


Chilling with Neighbour


I really enjoyed capturing these unplanned shots. What’s your thoughts? Let me know below and a big thank you for coming by!

See you again hopefully!




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